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I’ve seen other bloggers, even book bloggers, do a day in the life post before and I’ve been wanting to join in for a while. But for the longest time, my day was full of long stretches of nothing but Netflix or reading, so there was nothing to really share with anyone. Since having Rosalie, though, every day is hectic and every moment is full. Some days are less full than others, especially when Mike is working during the day, but there’s always something going on. So anyway, here’s what a day in the life of this book blogger/new mom looks like.

5:45 Rosie is waking. One hour of sleep for me bc insomnia. Grab bottle from fridge. She eats 3/4 of it and won’t burp. Give her paci and rock back to sleep. She’s giving me a hard time bc of that gas bubble. Back in bed by 6:20, hopefully it lasts.

6:23 Pacifier retrieval services

6:26 Belly rub

6:28 A loud crash from cats in the living room. You know what? I’m not even going to look. I don’t want to know.

6:30 I sloooowly pull my hand off her belly and back into my bed. Ahh the sweet taste of victory. Back to sleep.

9:00 Paci retrieval services

9:05 Belly rub

10:00 Rosie is awake and smiling and her legs are stuck in her marshmallow suit. Time to get up. Today’s Paddys day so we have a special outfit. We get her dressed and bottled and take goofy milestone pictures.

10:30 It’s time to play. I have her in her bouncy seat and show her her elephant. It’s her favorite especially when I make elephant noises 😂

11:00 I can see she’s getting drowsy so I pull her up into my lap and rock for a few minutes. Nap time comes easy this morning.

11:20 time for me to get my life together. Plop Rosie down in bed with her dad and it’s a mad rush of stuffing some food in my face, showering/grooming, and checking the mail.

12:00 Rosie is stirring so mike wakes her up and does the diaper change while I take pictures for this post and for Instagram.

12:15 Time to feed the baby again!

12:50 There’s a big baby consignment event happening in our town. So we get Rosie a sweater and stock up her diaper bag and head out. The whole family is dressed for the holiday.

2:00 Leaving the sale with a good haul! I found a Boppy Infant Lounger that’s normally $30-40 for $5!! Rosie is going to get hungry soon and soooooo am I.

2:15 We run into my mom at Taco Bell (eugh) and invite her to our house to eat. The three of us eat in shifts, all doting over the baby and feeding her. Mom tells a gross story about Burger King.

3:00 Rosie’s mobile starts playing on its own??? Nope, I’m just gonna ignore this.

3:30 Rosie hangs on her new lounger. Nap time for Rosie and daddy soon while I get some alone time! Of course, alone time means doing dishes and making bottles.

3:45 cancelling an Etsy order because it’s been 12 days and the headbands haven’t shipped yet. 🙄 at the same time, checking social media, email, etc.

4:30 Rosie fell asleep in my arms and I’ve been spending the last half hour going through pictures of her on my phone. I pass a lot of time this way.

4:35 Moved Rosie to the newborn lounger and I’m sure that’ll last all of thirty seconds before she’s screaming.

4:36 And she’s awake.

4:40 Chug a bottle of water, change Rosie’s diaper and time to feed the baby again.

4:48 Mike feeds the baby while I take care of blog things. Pictures for this post, my book haul post, and an Uppercase Box post.

5:04 Rosie is screaming her ass off. I made it 1/5 of the way through my Stacking the Shelves post before I had to take her back and soothe her.

5:25 sitting on the kitchen floor rocking Rosie through a meltdown. I got as far as turning on the sink to do the dishes and then it started. Poor baby will not be calmed. Also maybe I should sweep more.

6:11 Bottles are made. Finally. Two other dishes were cleaned. Yes it took me that long. Weasley decided to attack Rosie’s feet and it took a Herculean effort to get him out of the kitchen. Now Rosie is losing her mind because she’s overtired. Time for another nap. Meanwhile Mike cleans the living room floor. Spring in the South = ants, so we are trying to get ahead of it.

6:23 baby’s asleep in my arms and I dare not put her down. Time to sneak in a few pages of Crooked Kingdom on my phone. I am a book blogger after all.

7:15 Rosie is awake! Time for a bottle which she refuses to finish. A new diaper and some sweats because it’s getting cold.

7:30 Rosie’s settled and Mike ran to get pizza for dinner because were lazy today. Now it’s time to catch up on tv. If the tiny tyrant will allow it. First, Survivor. And hopefully finishing my STS post so Alexia doesn’t kill me

8:27 break from post-writing to soothe Rosie into her nap. Back to the grind.

8:35 Book haul post is done! I’ve only been working on it for like six hours lol. I really want to take a nap or at least relax but there’s laundry and dishes to be done. Mike’s holding the baby while she “naps” where “nap” actually means fuss and fights sleep. Also I want to write some more posts ahead of time but ugh not right now.

9:22 Rosie’s up! I spent the last 30 minutes watching Bones and sorting through the new clothes we bought. The laundry is started and baby’s getting ready to eat. Last bottle of the day! Mike and I are finishing this episode of Bones while he feeds the baby and I write more blog posts.

9:58 Lol, what a joke. I fed the baby while Mike added to the laundry I started and then took out the trash. Rosalie just did some tummy time and now it’s time for a dance party! We find playlists in Spotify and Rosalie wiggles to the music and smiles her butt off at the faces I make.

10:36 bath time! Rosalie used to hateeeee bath time when it was a sponge bath or in the sink. But now that she has a little baby bath, it’s the most fun she has all day.

11:00 Rosie’s out of the bath and into her sleep suit. It’s about an hour until she actually goes to sleep so now it’s quiet time. Let’s see what that means.

11:39 Bed time! Rosie fell asleep in my arms and I transferred her to the crib. She has never slept without someone before last night but now it’s like she’s a whole new baby. We bought the Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit and it really is magic! Now it’s time to write those posts, duck around on baby center and finish that episode of bones.

12:25 Bones has been completed, I finished a TTT post, and now I’m exhausted. Thank God Mike was here to handle dishes and laundry. I’m going to read more Crooked Kingdom and find some food to scarf down before I fall asleep. 6am comes quick!

2:00 Crooked Kingdom is SO GOOOOOD. I can’t tear myself away but I know I’ll regret it in the morning if I don’t shut it down now and get some rest. Good night!


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  1. How old js Rosalie now? That St. Paddy’s Day outfit was so cute. And I know exactly how you feel… my days are still sometimes like this and mine is almost 9 months old. Maybe should do an updated Day In the Life Post as I haven’t done one in a long time.

    You’re doing great Momma. It’s surprising how much of the day flies past and you realize you’ve accomplished nothing but caring for baby. The thing is, it’s totally worth not getting anything else done. 💜
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