Book Review: Suicide Notes From Beautiful Girls by Lynn Weingarten

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Book Review: Suicide Notes From Beautiful Girls by Lynn WeingartenSuicide Notes From Beautiful Girls by Lynn Weingarten
Published by Simon Pulse on July 7th, 2015
Genres: contemporary
Pages: 320
Format: eARC
Source: Publisher

They say Delia burned herself to death in her stepfather’s shed. They say it was suicide.

But June doesn’t believe it.

June and Delia used to be closer than anything. Best friends in that way that comes before everyone else—before guys, before family. It was like being in love, but more. They had a billion secrets, tying them together like thin silk cords.

But one night a year ago, everything changed. June, Delia, and June’s boyfriend, Ryan, were just having a little fun. Their good time got out of hand. And in the cold blue light of morning, June knew only this—things would never be the same again.

Now Delia is dead. June is certain she was murdered. And she owes it to her to find out the truth…which is far more complicated than she ever could have imagined.

Sexy, dark, and atmospheric, Suicide Notes from Beautiful Girls will keep you guessing until the very last page.

I really wasn’t sure what to expect with this book. It looked like something I’d enjoy just based off the synopsis alone. Add that to the beautifully simplistic cover and I knew I was going to read it as soon as possible. Unfortunately I didn’t get to read it as soon as I was hoping to.

When I finally sat down to read this book, it held my interest through most of the book and I read the book in one day, well night really. Stories that feature toxic friendships are some of my favorite things to read, and the friendship between Delia & June was totally toxic, but we really didn’t realize exactly how messed up the friendship were until the book was halfway over.

The time jumps from before to present, which doesn’t bother me at all if it’s done well, which this one was. What did throw me off were the tense changes. From present day first person to past tense third person. Reading that was really jarring for me and as much as I was sucked into the story, the tense changes threw me off and I struggled for a little while with the book because of this.

I enjoyed reading about the friendship between Delia & June. I loved reading about how it started when they were kids, and then I got to read about how things escalated between them and how June’s boyfriend, Ryan fit into everything that happened on that fateful night.

The character development was really good for both Delia & June, which really made me happy. We got to see exactly how Delia pulled June under her thumb from early on. June was a quiet, lonely girl with an alcoholic mother and no father. Delia had a mother & stepfather, neither of who were ever really involved in her life, and she took the opposite approach that June did. Delia got involved in drugs, promiscuity & she hung around the bad crowd.

I do wish there was a little more character development for the secondary characters, mainly Jeremiah & Ashling. I wanted to know more about them and I don’t feel like I got to know enough about them to really figure out if I liked them or not. By the ending of the book, we know what parts they played and what kind of connections they had to Delia, but not much else.

Despite the switches from past to present, the pacing was still really good. There was a point where I was kind of bored, but given all the craziness that had gone down, I knew it would probably get even more insane, so I stuck it out and boy was I right about the craziness and the insanity. I am so glad I didn’t give up on the book during the slow part.

The ending was absolutely bat-crap insane. I’m still trying to figure out what the hell even happened. I know there were several people who said this book had an open ended ending that didn’t really sit well with them, but I was totally fine with it. It left me with so many questions which forced me to think about Delia, really think about who she was and what she had really done.

Aside from the lack of character development for the secondary characters & some minor issues with the past/present + the tense changes, I really enjoyed this book. This book showed an excellent example of a toxic friendship & if you enjoy toxic friendships combined with a twisted plot, then you should absolutely give this book a shot.

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