Books I Absolutely NEED to Read Before 2016 Ends

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books i need to read

2016 is more than halfway over and as I look at the TBR I compiled at the beginning of the year, I’m starting to feel a bit panicked. I only challenged myself to read 1 book this year for the Goodreads challenge, but I also “secretly” challenged myself to 100 – and I’m way, way behind on that. Basically, 2016 started off great and I was ahead, but this spring kicked my ass entirely off course. I’m nowhere near close to finishing the series I planned to read this year, except to take Daughter of Smoke and Bone off that list. Basically, this year is a pretty big fail, reading goal-wise. But at summer draws to end, I think I’m getting out of this reading slump, and setting rest-of-the-year goals sounds like a doable thing. So here are the books I really, really, really want to get to before 2016 ends and 2017 comes – and with it, drastic life changes.


The Newsflesh Trilogy was at the top of the series bucket list I made earlier this year, and I’m putting it at the top here. Lately, though it hasn’t really been reflected in my reading choices, I’ve found myself drawn to more adult books, and this series is probably one of the most beloved among the people I love and follow on Twitter. I’m not huge into zombie books, but then I haven’t read very many, either. And the way this trilogy is framed seems unique and interesting. I’m really excited to be immersed in an adult series sometime soon.


These, along with A Song of Ice and Fire, are the most intimidating books on my shelf right now. Not only are they roughly one million pages long, they’re immensely popular, and outside my area of “expertise.” I have read very little, if any, adult fantasy in my lifetime. I usually stick to the YA side of this genre. But from what I understand, the Mistborn books have some crossover appeal. And apparently Brandon Sanderson is some sort of genius. So I think this may be where I start with adult fantasy.

the coldest girl in coldtown

I absolutely LOVE the short story that this book is based on, and I was so, so excited to hear that she had fleshed out the world into a novel-length story. If you’re paying attention, that was three years ago – and I still haven’t read this. I have no real reason why except that it’s kind of long and kind of intimidating. But also: what if I don’t like it? I think the worst thing ever is reading a favorite author and being disappointed with one of their books. I really hope this doesn’t happen here.

the rose and the dagger

I loved The Wrath and the Dawn so, so much last year, and this sequel was at the top of my most-wanted list for 2016. But then LIFE happened on literally the same day it was released and it just fell to the wayside. I haven’t picked it up yet because it reminds me of that terrible day and the weeks following it. I’m working to separate those feelings from the books I was reading at the time, but it’s hard work, considering how deeply you connect to a series (like The Raven Cycle, for another example of what I was reading when life crashed down on me.) I love Shazi so much, though, so I’m dying to know how her story ends. I just hope I can get it together by the end of the year.

These are my top priority books from what’s currently sitting on my shelves. Of course, there are a handful of late-2016 releases that I absolutely need to read, too. Like Empire of Storms!

What books do you NEED to get to before the end of the year?


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  1. If you can get your hands on them, the Graphic Audio versions of the Mistborn trilogy are AMAZING. There is a different voice actor for every character, and there are sound effects and background music too. I was struggling to get through the second book, and I found that really helped me.
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