Epic Recs: Bringing it Back!

Posted June 13, 2017 by Bekka in challenges / 0 Comments

Epic Recs is a recommendations based book club started by Amber and Judith where each month you pick a book for your partner to read.

One billion years ago, in like 2014 or 2015, Lili and I did this for a few months. Some months were successes and others were complete failures. We stopped after a while because life became super hectic, but now I think we’ve both found rhythm again in our personal lives and so we have time to devote to this weird experiment of recommendations. However, because of my hectic baby-raising schedule, we will be doing this in two month increments. Just to make things easier.

I picked Caraval because I think it’s something right up Lili’s alley. It’s whimsical fantasy, like a grown up Alice in Wonderland with amazing fashion sense. I really hope Lili loves it, especially the romance and the synesthesia, two of my favorite parts of one of my favorite reads of 2016. I’m also crossing my fingers for a strong re-start to Epic Recs!

Lili says: I am rec’ing this book because I absolutely adored it. I recently discovered Seanan and it seems Bekka has, too. Seanan’s EVERY HEART A DOORWAY is blowing up right now, rightfully so, which makes this really unique ghost story with a dash of witches fly a bit under the radar and more people need to read it because it is SO SO SO GOOD. I knew this would be the perfect pick for us to start Epic Recs again… years later!


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