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gilmore girls book tag

Ever since the revival of Gilmore Girls was announced a while ago, I’ve had GG on the brain nearly every day. I am obsessed with this show. Admittedly, I didn’t follow it very closely when I was younger, but I still watched it whenever it was on, and when I was about 19, I binged the whole thing with Mike. I have, since I was a teen, been Team Logan. You can all keep Jess, I hate him.

ANYWAY. I saw this on BookTube and knew immediately I had to do it. Obviously I wasn’t tagged for this but who even cares.

1. I JUST GOT HIT BY A DEER – character having the worst day ever

i just got hit by a deer

For this I’m going to go with Mila from MILA 2.0. This poor girl learns she was built in a lab and then she and her mother are on the run from there on out. The next 24 hours are absolute hell after that. Probably the worst possible day ever.

2. STARS HOLLOW – wildly eccentric cast

I think it’d be a bit too easy to say something like The Hunger Games or Harry Potter so I’m going with another iconic series: The Raven Cycle. Everyone in these book is very much their own person, from Blue’s family of psychics all the way to the even minor characters who live in Henrietta.

3. COFFEE – a book you’re addicted to/a character w/ an addiction

coffee in an iv

I mean, this is easy: Kings Rising. I’m addicted to the whole trilogy in general, but I read Kings Rising twice in like 18 hours. I literally finished the last page and opened up the front cover again in the same breath. I cannot believe that wild, absurd, hilarious romp is a real book.

4. SOMEONE DEVIL EGGED BY CAR?! – great act of revenge

deviled eggs

The entire story of Vengeance Road was an epic act of revenge. I didn’t think the book was going to be as brutal as promised in the blurb but then the main character, Kate, shot someone in the head within the first like, ten pages. Ruthless.

5. MR. MEDINA – an illicit affair

The romance in Drowning Instinct definitely takes this category. It’s between a teen and her TEACHER. Illicit doesn’t even begin to cover it.

6. KIM’S ANTIQUES – a world you’d be afraid to enter

mrs kim

Gonna cheat here and go with a movie: the world of Mad Max. Like literally everything about that world is terrible? From the misogyny to the DROUGHT like no no no no. The only good thing about it is Tom Hardy’s there.

7. HARVARD VS. YALE – character who needs to make a life-changing decision

Nyx from Cruel Beauty has been raised as a weapon sent to kill the villain. But this is a Beauty and the Beast retelling, so we know something is afoot and she needs to make the decision about her loyalties are.

8. LUKE’S DINER – a comfort read

luke's diner

I have a few. Harry Potter of coooourse. There’s also Jellicoe Road even though that read is wayyyyyyyyy less than comfortable, it’s still my all-time favorite. Then there’s Blood and Chocolate and Sookie Stackhouse which I just can’t seem to let go of, and I know I can always pop back into them and feel at home.

9. AM I CRYING OR LAUGHING? – a book that messed with your emotions

crying or laughing

Oh god the first thing that came to mind was The Dream Thieves. Absolutely nothing about that book was simple or easy. This is because of 1) the complicated, multifaceted characters, and 2) the complexity of the plot. Nothing is given to you in The Raven Cycle – you have to earn every drop of it.

10. EMILY – the HBIC (Head Bitch in Charge)

Can this answer be anyone other than Aelin Ashryver Galathynius, heir of fire, beloved of Mala Light-Bringer, and rightful Queen of Terrasen.

I didn’t think so.

11. LORELAI AND RORY – favorite family dynamic

Gram, Uncle Big, and Lennie from The Sky is Everywhere are my faves. It’s terrible because they have to learn to be a family after the death of Lennie’s sister, but the way they come together and love each other is just everything I want for Lennie.

12. I PUSHED HIM IN THE LAKE! – a book you’d throw in a lake

pushed him in the lake


Anyway. The Fault in Our Stars deserves to be thrown not into a lake, but into a lake on another realm. And not just one copy. Every copy. And the movie. And the merchandise. And everything to do with it.

13. 1000 YELLOW DAISIES – favorite romance

a thousand yellow daisies

Jonah and Taylor
Beast and Sybella
Aelin and Rowan
Han and Raisa
Scarlet and Rob

14. JESS – an unpopular opinion

I’ve already mentioned at least one in this post but here’s another: I think Chaol is the literal worst. THE WORST. I don’t want to really get into it right now (the lord knows I have on twitter, on more than one occasion at that) but let it be known that Chaol Westfall will always be my enemy.

15. FIRST SNOW – snowy or holiday read

Taking the easy way out and going with any of the Harry Potter books – the first one for a kick in the good feels, and the last one for a kick in the gut. These books always go into detail for Christmas and YALL the feelings I get every time the Weasleys make Harry feel like one of their family. I cannot.

16. HEP ALIEN – book centered around music

hep alien

I don’t read a lot of music-focused books to be honest. I’m just not a very music-focused person. I know music is very important to a lot of people, and I probably sound weird. But I could live without music, I think.

That being said, one book centered around music that I really liked was Chopsticks. It’s a sort of graphic novel, sequential art book that tells two different stories about a young music prodigy. You’ll see this book so differently each time you read it, and I do recommend reading it once, reading some reviews, and then reading it again.

Also how can I not mention The Sky is Everywhere. I mean, all the characters bond over their shared love of music, the MC and the love interest meet in band, it’s all just lovely.

17. HE’D BETTER HAVE A MOTORCYCLE! – your book crush

I think this question goes with favorite romances, but I don’t mind listing my fave guys no matter how many times you ask. Rowan, for sure. Jonah Griggs, Beast, Ronan Lynch, AEDION ASHRYVER MY ONE TRUE LOVE.

18. IT’S REPETITIVE AND REDUNDANT – a book that could have been shorter


It’s time for another Unpopular Opinion [sparkle emoji]. I actually think Illuminae could have been cut down. I loved that book, and rated it 4 stars, however, there were pacing issues in the third quarter of the novel because of an elongated single POV chapter that could have been cut down or cut up into pieces.

19. KIRK – the weirdest book you’ve ever read

kirk's short film

Romancing the Dark in the City of Light was one of the strangest reading experiences I’ve ever had. The whole thing was surreal and strange and honestly pointless? I really didn’t understand the WHY of it all and I pride myself on being fucking weird and liking weird things.

20. IT’S A LIFESTYLE. IT’S A RELIGION – that one book that means more to you than any other

it's a lifestyle

I’m just gonna list my soul-deep faves:

Harry Potter
Throne of Glass
His Fair Assassin
Underneath Everything
Jellicoe Road
The Half Life of Molly Pierce
The Sky is Everywhere
Georgia Nicolson

That’s it! I hope you like my gif usage. If you love Gilmore Girls and book tags, consider yourself tagged!

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