Mid-Year Book Freakout

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mid year book freak out

I did this post last year, and while struggling to come up with something to post today, I thought I’d bring it back. I know ~technically I shouldn’t be doing this until the end of the month, but some Real Life Crap happened that kind of separates my year into two pieces and I’m just gonna do it now.

I’m currently 5 books behind schedule on my goal to read 100 this year. (The goal was actually 125, but that would make me like 15 books behind, and I know I’d never catch up.) So I’ll be using the 36 books I’ve read so far to answer these questions.

1. the best book you’ve read so far in 2016


I’ve actually read a handful of really great 5-star books this year. Special shout outs to Ask Me How I Got Here, the Captive Prince trilogy, Exit Pursued by a Bear, and The Lost & Found.

2. the best sequel you’ve read so far

kings rising

And Prince’s Gambit. They both were exactly what I wanted from the series. And I’m obsessed.

3. a new release you haven’t read yet

the rose and the dagger

I loved The Wrath and the Dawn SO MUCH last year and this was one of my most anticipated releases of the spring. I’m sad I haven’t gotten to it yet, but I want to reread TWatD before reading this sequel/finale. Sooooon.

4. most anticipated release for late-2016

empire of storms

I can’t fucking wait.

5. biggest disappointment

more happy than not

Wow, did I ever hate this. This was one of those instances where I felt like I read an entirely different book than everyone else. All of my friends love it, but I didn’t like a single aspect of it. I thought the message was absolutely horrible too.

6. biggest surprise

beware the wild

I honestly had no expectations going into this.  I hadn’t really heard much. I just knew that I needed to read a series for the month, and I had both books on hand. This ended up blowing me away entirely. The writing, the setting, the lore, all of it was magical and beautiful.

7. favorite new author

the crimson crown

I’m saying Cinda Williams Chima even though technically I did read the first Seven Realms book in 2015. I’m so sad I put off this series for so long. I honestly have no idea what I was thinking because these are definitely all-time faves now.

8. newest fictional crush


Ronan Lynch. Too bad he isn’t a fan of lamps.

9. newest favorite character

kings rising

Laurent of Vere is my CHILD I LOVE HIM DEARLY. Everyone who only read Captive Prince and never continued on with the series: I Know. But trust me, okay.

10. a book that made you cry

the square root of summer

Ever find one of those books you know most people aren’t gonna love, but it seems like it was written just for you? It me, with this book.

11. a book that made you happy

right of first refusal

Obviously. This is what Dahlia Adler books do.

12. favorite adaptation you saw this year

To be honest, I think the only book to movie adaptations I’ve seen have been superhero movies, and that’s using “book to movie adaptation” very generously.

I guess you can kiiiiiiinda count The 100 as a book to tv adaptation but like not really.

13. favorite post you’ve done so far this year

I am very, very proud of my Backlist Books reading challenge, to be very honest.

14. the most beautiful book you bought this year


Like there could be any other answer. JUST LOOK AT IT.

15. what books do you need to read before the end of the year

Oh boy. I have a List:

Six of Crows, The Winner’s Trilogy, Heartless, Gemina, A Game of Thrones, Mistborn, finish by Harry Potter reread. Plus a ton of upcoming releases like Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, Empire of Storms, Of Fire and Stars.


5 responses to “Mid-Year Book Freakout

  1. I’ve never heard of Beware the Wild but I absolutely love that cover. I’m off to add it to GoodReads now.

    Omigosh, read Six of Crows!! Like I know it’s already on your TBR, but it’s so good. aka deserves read first status 😉 I want to read HP and the Cursed Child but I’ll admit I’m wary about the screenplay format. I’m not sure if I would enjoy it. Mostly part of me hopes a Netflix special comes out so us mortals without tickets can see the show
    Liselle @ Lunch-Time Librarian recently posted…May Round-Up + Gretchen Rubin QuoteMy Profile

  2. Ahh, Ronan. Yes, he really is worthy of a crush. During The Raven Boys, I did not see the appeal neither of Ronan, nor “Pynch” (and just about everyone loves Ronan and “Pynch”). During The Dream Thieves, I started to warm up to him. Blue Lily, Lily Blue and The Raven King only served to cement that warmth and fuzziness. 😀
    I’ve been eyeing Six of Crows for a while now. Though I guess I maybe should start with Shadow and Bone, since I have not read it either and I have it now on Kindle (got the whole series for 3 dollars :D).
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  3. I am slowly re-reading (out loud) and re-viewing HP with my daughter. Her first time, and it is SO MUCH FUN. I concur with everyone encouraging you to read Six of Crows. I didn’t like her first series and quit after Shadow and Bone, but I’m so glad I took the chance on Six of Crows!

    I just stole this tag, thank you very much!

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