Olympics Book Tag

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Olympic Book Tag

It’s time for the Summer Olympics! Are you guys excited like I am or will you be using that time to get a ton of reading done? I saw this book tag on Sabrina’s blog, The Forest of Words and Pages and then found out where it originated from, which was on Shannon’s blog, It Starts at Midnight. All the graphics in this tag are Shannon’s.

A Book You Loved From the First Page

Girl In Pieces-Cover

I knew almost right away that I was going to love this book. By the time I turned the first page, I knew the main character was going to be something special to me.

Favorite Road Trip

Amy and Roger's Epic Detour-Cover
I really don’t read road trip books much, so this one was the first one I thought of. Super good, especially the slow burn romance.

A Book With A Good Love Triangle

A Shadow Bright and Burning-Cover
It’s rare where I actually like both guys in a love triangle, but that happened in this book. I am totally okay with whoever Henrietta ends up with.

A Book That You Really Didn't Get

We Were Liars-Cover

I still have no damn clue what this book was about. I didn’t get it at ALL. If someone could explain it to me, that’d be great.

A Book Set In the Summer

Summer of Sloane- Cover
Hello, it has summer in the title. Also summer in Hawaii? Yes please.

A Book With A Lot of Fighting & Bloodshed

This one was hard, but since I haven’t finished the Throne of Glass series, I had to go with The Kiss of Deception.

A Book With a Lot of Plot Twists

damage done
Yup, this one had plot twist after plot twist. Loved this book for all those plot twists.

A Book That Made You Sob

this is where it endsThe Memory Book-Cover
I couldn’t pick between these two. They both made me sob a lot. The first one made me sob the entire book. The second one, I started sobbing close to the end.

A Slow Paced Book

hotel ruby
When 75% of the book is slow, it is an instant pick for this category. Holy crap on a cracker, I was BORED.

A Childhood Favorite

The Saddle Club-Cover
One of my all time favorite series when I was little. I could probably binge read them all again and still enjoy the series. It had horses & friendships in it. I’m pretty sure I read the entire series. All 100+ books.

A Book Featuring Animals

Racing Savannah-Cover
I wracked my brain to try and come up with an answer for this one, and then I settled on this book because it takes place around/in stables. Granted the romance seemed to take over the horse stuff at times.

A Book You Struggled to Finish

My Best Friend, Maybe-Cover

I honest to goodness have no idea how I finished this book. It took me forever to finish it and this time, it was because I was not enjoying it at all. I probably should have DNFed it, but I kept hoping it would get better.

A Book With A Great Friendship

The Long Game- Cover
I think I used the phrase “squad goals” in my review and I hate that phrase with a firey passion, but Tess had some great friendships in both The Fixer AND in The Long Game.

Books That Actually Feature Olympic Sports

Tumbling-CoverA Matter of Heart
These two were the only two I could think of. Tumbling is an awesome gymnastics book and A Matter of Heart is a swimming book. Coincidentally, these two are my favorite Olympic events.

I’m not going to tag anyone, but let me know if you decide to do it. Make sure to credit the original tag creator & graphics creator if you do the tag and/use the graphics.

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