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So I wasn’t tagged, but when I saw this amazing book tag on Read At Midnight I knew I had to do it. Not only am I obsessed with Pokemon Go just like the rest of the world, I love how different the questions were here, too. All these perfect graphics were made by Aentee and since she said it was okay to use these for our posts, I saw no reason to try to resist.


I’ve been a casual reader my whole life. I grew up reading Harry Potter as I was the same age as the characters. But I think the book that really made it take off for me, particularly urban fantasy and YA, was Twilight, as cliche as that sounds. From there, I read things like Sookie Stackhouse. I was also reading a lot of historical romance, thanks to The Other Boleyn Girl. Then my roommate at the time introduced me to the world of YA and I was hooked.


I’m not really into classics, or at least, not as well-read when it comes to them. But I can do iconic. And one iconic series I think will live forever is Harry Potter. I know J.K. Rowling has been up to some nonsense, but when sticking just to the seven-book series and none of the Pottermore stuff or other extras, this series will one day be a classic.


I feel like the worst person ever saying this, but A Gathering of Shadows. I firmly believe a book can be overhyped, and when I see it around ALL of the time, people screaming about it CONSTANTLY, it just turns me off sometimes. There are a lot of extremely well-loved, highly hyped series out there that I took my time getting to because of this.


The first thing that came to mind when I saw this question was Darkness Before Dawn. It’s a vampire dystopian that came out basically at the same time as The Immortal Rules. It plays on a lot of tropes in the dystopian realm, as well as paranormal romance and love triangles. But damn if I don’t love that book anyway.


I think it’d be easy to say A Song of Ice and Fire, but since I’ve actually started it, I’m going to go with Mistborn. Brandon Sanderson in general is intimidating in two different ways: one, the books themselves are about a million pages long. But on top of that, the world is enormous and everything’s connected and I’m afraid of missing something or reading in the wrong order. I want to take on Cosmere, but it’s so scary.


Most recently it was the Captive Prince trilogy. I spent the whole night reading Prince’s Gambit, went out to the mailbox to grab Kings Rising, and read that twice back-to-back. Yes, I am obsessed.


Oh man, what a loaded question. Let’s just make a list, because there’s no way to have just one. Gotta catch em all.

Scar & Rob
Katsa & Po
Sybella & Beast
Raisa & Han
Nyx & Ignifex
Aelin & Lysandra
Chaol & Dorian
Rowan & Aedion
Damen & Laurent
Rovinsky (don’t kill me)
Bri & Vanessa
Taylor & Jonah
Cress & Thorne
Katniss & Peeta
Rose & Dimitri
Harley & Ivy


With the movie coming out soon, how can I not mention Nerve? I thought it was an interesting “light” science fiction book, and I found it to be unique, exciting, and suspenseful. I read it really quickly and couldn’t turn the page fast enough. I can’t wait for the movie and I’m very interested to see which of the darker details of the characters’ pasts they’re going to keep.


Even though I haven’t even read Bloodlines yet, I’m just in love with the Vampire Academy world and I will definitely read BL and any other spin-off Richelle may write in the future.


I was pretty wary of Seven Realms before I started The Demon King, and I even read the first chapter once before putting the book down for a long time. I’m honestly just more interested in female main characters, so when Han opened the book, I figured he would be the only POV character. But I was wrong! And even though I had my misgivings in the beginning, this series is now one of my all time favorites. Talk about PAIN.


People literally cannot shut up about Illuminae but that didn’t stop me from waiting in line for about three hours to get Gemina at BEA. I know the hype of a lot of series can turn me off really quickly, but for some reason I’m just really, really excited about the world-building and formatting of this series. Also, I loved the characters and villains from the first book and the second book has ALIENS.


There is a gorgeous white edition of the Twilight series that I salivate over every time I see. I seriously doubt I will ever reread that series, but I would love to have those stunning covers on display. I think if I ever have the urge to own and read them again, those are the editions I’d buy. Maybe one day.


I am so so so excited for Elly Blake’s debut, Frostblood. First of all, it has a gorgeous cover. But also, this seems like a bit of a breath of fresh air in YA fantasy. It seems like the majority of YA fantasy that I’ve been reading or seeing lately is all about royalty. And look, I am obsessed with willful, wild princesses, and always, always will be. Do not get me wrong. But it’s just been so long since I’ve read about a character that wasn’t dealing with queens and kings so I’m excited about that. Also magic and fire and blood and a maniacal ruler!


I have a lot of these, but Nova Ren Suma comes to mind immediately. One of my all-time favorite books is Imaginary Girls and I’ve been a HUGE fan ever since. I will buy and read everything she publishes.

Others include Dahlia Adler, Renee Ahdieh, A.C. Gaughen, Julie Berry, Amie Kaufman, Marissa Meyer, Elliot Wake, Kristen Cashore, Kiersten White, and Jandy Nelson.


This is easy: Empire of Storms. I read Queen of Shadows immediately upon its release, obviously, so I’ve done my time. Twelve years of it. And I’m done waiting. September could not get here fast enough.

Do you play Pokemon Go? Consider yourself tagged!

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  1. If you can get your hands on them, the Graphic Audio versions of the Mistborn trilogy are AMAZING. They’re told with a different voice actor for each character, and they even include sound effects. I was really struggling with the print books and the GA versions got me hooked.
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    When you’re ready to take on the Cosmere, have Nikki make you a reading order list. She’s a Sanderson expert.

    I’m super mad at my library because it has books 2 & 3 of the Captive Prince trilogy but not the first like what the hell HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO READ IT NOW.

    Rovinsky jumped out at me and I had to go throw up but now I’m back to throw stuff at you because HOW? OF ALL PEOPLE HOW CAN YOU SHIP SOMEBODY AS ABUSIVE AND RAPEY AS KAVINSKY WITH MY PRECIOUS RONAN. GO INTO THE SHAME BOX BEKKA. AND PYNCH ISN’T EVEN ON THERE YOU I CAN’T EVEN LOOK AT YOU. As punishment I will continue not reading Jellicoe Road.

    Still dissapointed by how much I didn’t love Seven Realms.


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