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Rosie Reads is a new series featuring, you guessed it, my baby Rosie reading her picture books. One of the things I looked forward to the most when I found out about Rosie was all the story times we’d share together. I bought something like 60 books for her before she was even born and arranged them lovingly on the shelves in her nursery. She gets a story every night before bed (now that we’ve actually established a nighttime routine. The first four months were rough, y’all.) I really hope to continue this post as a long-running series, as we acquire more new releases in the picture book category and Rosie continues to grow cuter and cuter.

While perusing the shelves of Barnes and Noble, I wandered into the children’s section and had a look at the books featured on their display table. I found Fright Club by Ethan Long and gave the adorable Halloween book a flip-through before moving on. I tried to remember the title or author but pregnancy brain made that impossible. But when I saw the cover of Valensteins, I knew right away it was part of a baby book series and I had to have an advanced copy. So goes the story of Rosalie’s first ARC.

Getting Rosie interested in books has been kind of a challenge. She gets restless if a book is too long or the images don’t interest her. Thankfully though, she loves reading this one with me. I think the enormous size of the book itself is appealing to her and she loves grabbing onto the pages. The dialogue is funny and lends itself to real variety and animation while reading aloud. I personally love the color palette, too, as well as the names of the characters (like Vlad the Vampire.)

Valensteins is a terribly cute and spooky story about Fran K. Stein, member of the Fright Club, falling in love and making a paper Valentine. His friends all tease him, but in the end he overcomes their pestering and realizes that love is much more than paper hearts and feeling “mushy mushy.” The story is told mostly though dialogue which, like I said, lends itself really well to being read to a child. If you love Halloween like I do, I think you’ll find this charming and you have to add it to your kids’ shelves.

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