Stacking the Shelves #83

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Hey everyone! We had an eventful few weeks around here. First, Rosalie had her pictures done professionally for the first time. They came out so beautifully, you guys! She did such an amazing job with the photographer and gave us a ton of gorgeous poses. And one adorable pout, that I had printed onto a mug because I’m THAT mom.

The next day I had surgery. Thankfully this one went by much more smoothly compared to the last emergency hospital stay I had. It’s a night and day difference having a procedure scheduled vs emergent. I showed up on time, got into my gown and was in the OR before I knew it. For those wondering, I had a lumpectomy performed. Pathology came back totally benign, so don’t worry about that! Now I just have some swelling and soreness to deal with, but nothing I can’t handle.

Then we had a pediatrician’s appointment because we’ve noticed that Rosie favors one side over the other and has a sort of tilt. The doctor referred us to an Occupational Therapist for evaluation. I feel like the worst mom ever, but I know logically it’s not my fault. It apparently happens to a lot of breech babies. I’m excited to get her started on this therapy and hopefully see some results with her tilt and her aversion to tummy time.

Then today we went to a huge baby consignment sale. We made out like bandits! 17 outfits, 2 hats, a crib sheet, and a Boppy infant lounger for $66! Such a steal. I can’t wait for the next one. If you’re in the South (or Montana? apparently?) you should check out if they do one of these near you.

Haha I’m sorry all my updates are baby-related. I swear I’m still a person outside of being a mom, but man, we’ve been busy. If you followed the water heater/floor saga over the fall and winter, you’ll be happy to hear  we’re finally through! People are coming to install the carpet this week. Also also I started Crooked Kingdom! I don’t get a ton of time to read but I steal pages here and there on my phone when the baby naps or when I’m in the bathroom. 😂

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How was your week?

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  1. So glad your results came back in the clear! I agree – going in for a scheduled surgery is quick and easy. I had a colonoscopy (goodbye for life, Gatorade) and an upper endo at 26. I was checked in, prepped, and ready to roll in to OR in less than 25 minutes. The baby pics are so precious! I love seeing what creative things photographers and parents come up with.

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