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Posted July 25, 2015 by Bekka in news / 6 Comments

So if you’re thinking, “Wow I feel like this chick just took a break” you’d be right. I was completely fed up with everything around mid-June and I took the last two weeks of last month off. And I’m here telling you now that I need yet another break – and I’m not sure how long this one will last.

Why? In short, I’m just not feeling up to blogging these days.

It’s not that I dislike blogging or anything, it’s just that I kind of feel apathetic about the whole endeavor. I pop onto my dash like once per day to approve comments but that’s really it. I don’t really care how the blog is doing, if people are visiting, or if people are reading. I just don’t care.

And this has extended to reading too. I’ve been reading the most random shit ever – I haven’t felt any real urge to read, but when I do pick up a book, it’s so weird. Like right now I’m reading a vampire paranormal romance, Harry Potter, and listening to an adult mystery/thriller audiobook. None of which I plan to review to be honest, and so that means a lack of content. I feel like the posts I’ve been writing and scheduling (I currently have about a month of posts scheduled) are just filler, white noise, and I don’t want to be that blogger. And I don’t even understand why I’ve been doing it. What’s my motivation here? I don’t care about my stats right now so why am I bothering to even put out the mediocre content that I’m not satisfied with. It doesn’t make sense.

I guess I’m just bored. I haven’t been having a stellar reading year, and I’m so tired of picking up lackluster books, so I just haven’t been reading at all. And I can’t be bothered to remember I even have a blog, much less post on it every now and again.

And obviously I’m tired of there being explosion after explosion in the YA book community, but let’s not get into that or we’ll be here all day.

Plus, I’ve been doing other things with my time. I just adopted a new kitten who’s got a few health problems we’ve been managing on top of trying to get all three cats to get along (which is a fucking nightmare, by the way.) I’ve been trying to engage more with what’s physically in front of me, too. Also, I just completed an outline for a new writing project and that’s been taking up a lot a lot a lot of my mental faculties.

I’m well aware that even though I’ve been focusing my energy elsewhere, this also might be a case of seasonal depression, which has hit me during the summer months before.

Tl;dr version of all this is that blogging is not a priority in any way for me right now.  I’m not sure how long I’m going to be away from the blog, or when/if I’ll come back. But I’ll be around on GR, IG, and Twitter, so you shouldn’t miss me too much.

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6 responses to “Taking a Break

  1. I totally get how you feel! I had a blog previously and disabled the whole thing including the FB page-with 3k followers- because it started making me really stressed out. Good luck and I hope you get that lovin feelin back 🙂

  2. If blogging isn’t making you happy, it sounds like taking a break is a good idea. There are enough unpleasant things in life that we *can’t* control, and this is something you can. I’m glad you’ll still be on Twitter – I’ve been enjoying your kitten pictures. 🙂 Good luck with your cats, and I hope this break makes your life a little easier!

  3. I understand how you’re feeling. I haven’t really felt like posting on my blog this entire month. It’s already the 26th and I think I’ve only posted 3 or 4 times? The only difference is that I’ve been reading a lot more. I’m like 12 reviews behind that I need to write, and I think the higher that pile grows, the less excited I am to actually write them. Haha. I hope you can have some time to relax and do other things that you enjoy!

  4. I totally get what you mean about reading. I haven’t been able to enjoy ANYTHING I pick up lately. I’m just so indifferent about it all. :/

    Good luck getting your cats to play nice! I see your photos of them on Twitter a lot – super cute!
    Ashley recently posted…WordPress Frameworks are a CrutchMy Profile

  5. I’ve been having a pretty blah reading year too and I also feel like I’ve been posting some real mediocre content. Mostly I feel like I just don’t have enough time anymore and I really shouldn’t push it, so a break is completely understandable. I’m headed that way myself.

    Good luck with everything else going on in your life though! 🙂
    Bonnie @ For the Love of Words recently posted…Book Review – The Long Walk by Stephen KingMy Profile

  6. I had a mediocre reading year last year, so I understand not feeling motivated. The good thing is that we’ll all still be here waiting for you when you do feel like blogging again. I think it’s a good idea to take a break, stretch your wings and mental faculties, and do whatever you want to do. You’re not obliged, and this is supposed to be an enjoyable hobby.
    Nemo @ the Moonlight Library recently posted…Waiting on Court of Fives (126)My Profile

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