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hamilton book tag

I haven’t done a tag in a loooong time, but since I just listened to Hamilton for the first time and became instantly undone by this damn musical, I decided I should absolutely do the associated book tag. No one tagged me in this but who cares.

1. The Room Where It Happens
A book you would put yourself in

queen of shadows

I know the super easy answer is Harry Potter, but honestly I’d love to live in Terrasen once all the wars and shit are over.

2. The Schuyler Sisters
An underrated female character

the crimson crown

Night Bird from The Seven Realms series is a damn Demonai warrior, the baddest of bad ass warriors. On top of that she has the strength of will to defy the other Demonais when their prejudices put everyone in danger. And then she has to do the unimaginable at the end of the series. Night Bird for president.

3. My Shot
A character who goes after what they want no matter what

A Darker Shade final for Irene

Lila is very much a damn the consequences type of person. A single chapter from her POV shows you she’s the kind of character who fights for what she wants and when she sees her opportunity for adventure, she seizes it.

4. Stay Alive
A character you wish was still alive.


5. Burn
The most heartbreaking end to a relationship

I mean, I could just spam you with more Clexa pictures but I wont do that.

the darkest minds

I won’t say anything specific but if you remember the ending to this book, then just know that THAT is the number one thing that will psychologically fuck me up, okay.

6. You’ll Be Back
The sassiest villain


“When no one understands, that’s usually a good sign you’re wrong.” Victor Vale, king of sass.

7. The Reynolds Pamphlet
A twist you didn’t see coming


It wasn’t a huge plot twist or anything, but the nature of something became more clear later on in the book and I definitely didn’t expect it.

8. Non-stop
A series you marathoned

last sacrifice

I did read a book here or there in between each installment, but I basically marathoned these. I actually just watched the movie again (I love it and I don’t care what you say) and now I want to reread the series. (I always want to reread this series.)

9. Satisfied
Favorite book with multiple POVs


This is the mother of multi-POV books. I mean, damn near every page is written from a different perspective and it’s genius.

10. Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story
A book you feel will be remembered throughout history

a game of thrones

I honestly couldn’t tell you if this is the best fantasy series ever or even if it’s worth the hype (I’m only halfway through the first book – and I like it a lot!) but I think that between the books and the television show, the story has had an undeniable impact on America’s culture.

11. Helpless
A relationship you were pulling for from the very start

shadow kiss

I mean, obviously the series/author wanted me to pull for them, but even through all the fuckery, and all the Adrian crap, I still shipped Rose and Dimitri. They mean so much to me.

12. Ten Duel Commandments
Favorite fight scene

dark triumph

That scene with d’Albret!!!!!

13. Say No to This
Guilty pleasure read

blood and chocolate

This. I just reread it last week and I shamelessly ship the endgame couple no matter how much I definitely shouldn’t. Any paranormal romance, honestly, especially adult ones. I’m not ashamed or anything, but I do know how others view this types of books. Shrugs.

14. What Comes Next
A series you wish had more books

are these my basoomas i see before me

I desperately want an 11th Georgia book where we can finally SEE her with the right boy! I recently reread the last few in this series and the ship feels are entirely too real for the nature of these books. But I feel them. And I’m still reeling from the loss of Louise Rennison – she’s one of my favorite YA authors and honestly everything about her books give me life.

15. Right Hand Man
Favorite brOTP

jellicoe road

As if I could go a whole tag post without mentioning Taylor, Raffy, Santangelo, and Griggs. Get real.

16. What’d I Miss
A book series you were late to reading


I came to these SUPER late and honestly the only one I liked was Isla. HATED Lola and Anna was just okay.


If you love Hamilton and for some reason you haven’t done this, consider yourself tagged!

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  1. I’m glad you enjoyed the Hamilton soundtrack! I pretty much have it on repeat it’s so good.
    I would totally want to live in Terrasen – it sounds so beautiful. I just started A Darker Shade of Magic and I agree with your choice for Lila 100%. This girl knows what she wants! Number 4 just made my cry – it’s been a week and I’m still not over it ;n;
    Great post!

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