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totally shouldve

I was tagged by the inimitable Ellis from Paper Riot to do the Totally Should’ve Book Tag. This tag was created by Emma Books on YouTube and you can watch the original video here.

a book that totally should’ve had a sequel.

I am forever bitter about the Love in the Time of Global Warming series by Francesca Lia Block. I was operating under the assumption that it was a TRILOGY BUT???? I guess not????

I am also sad that there will never be anymore books set in the world of Poison by Bridget Zinn.

a book or series that totally should’ve had a spin-off.

The SWEEP series by Cate Tiernane had an itty-bitty one novel spin-off that was half about the original main character Morgan, and half about her daughter. I would have LOVED to see an entire series about Moira though. Teen witch living in Ireland with a serious case of Rebellious Teenager syndrome? Yes.

an author that should totally write more books.

I immediately jumped to Kristin Cashore. I haven’t read Bitterblue yet because I don’t want to live in a world without more Cashore books to read. Honestly, Kristin, the world is waiting for you.

I would also love to see more thrillers from Abigail Haas. I am very excited for whatever A.C. Gaughen comes up with next. Like Ellis says, I am here for more Robin LaFevers books. And Marcella Pixley!

a character who totally should’ve ended up with someone else.

I am verily on the Harry/Hermione ship and I will not be shamed. Ron was the worst. Also, I can’t believe I’m STILL bitter about this, but I hated how the Firelight series ended. Will was the WORST. Echoing Ellis once again with the Manon/Dorian shiplet that seems to be forming. I will settle for nothing less than Chaol/Dorian to be very fucking honest. And Manon/Asterin even if it’s technically cousins. (ALSO ALL YOU ASTERIN/MANON SHIPPERS WHO JUDGE MY ASHRYVER SHIP CAN FLY A KITE.)

Also generally speaking if a female character ends up with a male character and there is another AMAZING female character in the book, you can bet I ship the ladies. Always.

a book that totally should’ve ended differently

Kings Rising by C.S. Pacat was the most beautiful, absurd, funny, adorable, sexy conclusion that I have ever read EXCEPT THAT LAST PAGE. The book ended with a lot of things still up in the air. But more importantly, the book ended without us getting to see Laurent and Damen being happy together in relative peace. The book needed an epilogue BADLY. But I still love it with every fiber of my being.

a book series that totally should’ve had a movie franchise

Obviously The Lunar Chronicles were MADE to be movies. I couldn’t think of a more adaptable series if I tried. Give me a The Sky is Everywhere movie IMMEDIATELY. I also think Beware the Wild and Behold the Bones would make excellent movies.

a book or series that totally should’ve been a tv show.


Captive Prince needs to be a television show on a premium network like Showtime or Starz. Please please make this happen universe, I am counting on you.

His Fair Assassin would also be great, and with the timelines of the main characters’ stories, it would last quite a few seasons, too.

Once again mentioning Sweep because TEEN WITCHES.

I think Truthwitch has some potential. From a television producer’s POV, there’s a ton of world in that book that could easily be explored via television series.

a book that totally should’ve had one point of view.

This was a struggle for me because I typically like multi-pov and omniscient third person. But I think The Kiss of Deception could have benefited from staying in Lia’s head, to make the mystery of the boys harder to figure out. I also think (and god how embarrassing am I?) that the House of Night books gave up a LOT by introducing more POVs. That hurt to type.

a book or series that totally should have had a cover change.

The Anna and the French Kiss books had the best cover change known to man. Please someone save Blood and Chocolate from it’s miserable cover hell.

a book or series that totally should’ve kept the original covers.





mothership cover change

*rages for three decades*

a series that totally should’ve stopped at book one.

The Program by Suzanne Young. I LOVED that ship and I loved that book, but The Treatment was the absolute worst and I DNFd twice. I’m super worried about The Epidemic but we’ll see.

The Adoration of Jenna Fox was really great and mysterious and light science fiction and I loved it. The sequels were awful and totally unnecessary.

Shadowlands by Kate Brian was weird but interesting. The sequels? Completely ruined it for me. SO WEIRD AND SO STRANGE AND I DO NOT WANT.



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4 responses to “The Totally Should’ve Book Tag

  1. Forever weeping with you about the stupid dragon shifter books and how wrong the ship was. I hated them anyway and yet still felt massively betrayed by that ship. Angry to this day. Also about the werewolf shifter ones that did the exact same fucking thing romantically.

    Also laughing at your fix for House of Night. They cannot be fixed. Except with fire. :-p
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  2. SO WITH YOU ABOUT THE GLOBAL WARMING BOOKS. I need a book three, just for closure and also for another gorrrrgeeeeous cover like the first two.

    Cashore is reportedly writing but she makes GRRM look like Sanderson. If you don’t know what I meant by that it means: s l o w l y. Our collective need for a new Cashore is mighty so it’s been hard.

    I don’t really ship Manon with anyone? I mean, I am open to any/all variations of ships should there be any evidence or chemistry, but I find none. You are on your own for S.S. Crackship Cousins but I respect your commitment. Also Dorian/Chaol better be canon NEXT BOOK OR I WILL …. eat many chocolates.

    *lalalalal overs all of the answer about CS Pacat for fear of spoilers* goddamn woman you are killing me with this kings rising business. I have no idea what you said here but I WANT TO READ IT but the ebooks are so expensive and gaaaah. Tax returns are possibly partly earmarked.

    I AM HERE FOR THE HIS FAIR ASSASSIN TV SHOW [also anytime I think of that series I remember you and I and out DETERMINATION to get book 3. good times.]

    agree with you about Kiss of Deception even though you and I are fantasy theories BADASSES

    I can’t even with that Mothership cover. WHO APPROVED THIS?? Can I have that person’s job because clearly they do not know how to do it!
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  3. Sometimes I feel like us Harry/Hermione shippers are few and far in between. I wasn’t a big fan of Ron throughout the series, and while I appreciate Harry and Herminone’s friendship, I always thought that Hermione deserved better than Ron.

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