Top Ten Tuesday: Books I’ll Never Read

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Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish combining two of my favorite things: books and lists! This week we’re talking about books we’ll probably never read.

Now, there are a number of books I’ll probably never get to for various reasons: there might be drama surrounding the author, or, more simply, I just may never find the time. This list, though, is strictly about well-loved books that I don’t have any interest in reading.


1. Outlander. Simply put: this book is just too long. I do like historical romance, or the little of it that I’ve read, but I’m honestly not interested enough to read 900 or so pages of this story. It deals with two time periods that don’t particularly draw me in, either. I might try to television show though.

2. Outpost. While I liked Enclave enough, I had a real problem with the humanization of a serial rapist. When I started book two it looked like the rapist was being set up to be a love interest. Nope nope nope nope nope.

3. The Scorpion Rules. I just discovered the synopsis for this book a few days ago and it sounds so ludicrous. An AI ruler of the world takes hostage the children of national leaders to prevent future warfare. And I guess shit goes down and the AI itself comes to set it straight? Wut.

4. Shatter Me. I just can’t with the writing in this one. I know it speaks to a lot of people, but I’ve read extended quotes and excerpts and this is just not my style in any way.

5. Teardrop. I had serious issues across the board with Lauren Kate’s first series and there is just no way to trust that anything has gotten better with her writing. (Though I did like The Betrayal of Natalie Hargrove.)


6. Stormdancer. I had trepidations when this was first released and after reading Nafiza’s essay about the cultural appropriation within these pages, I know I’ll never pick this one up.

7. Eleanor and Park. For many of the same reasons as Stormdancer I will never be picking up E&P either. For more information, here’s a shortish post from Ellen Oh. On top of this, I simply wasn’t a fan of Fangirl either.

8. Allegiant. My interest in this series was already on the wane when I was spoiled for the ending before the final book was even released. Now that I know how it ends, and the ridiculous pseudo-science behind it all, I am not at all interested in reading the last book.

9. The Treatment. While I absolutely LOVE The Program I cannot get into this sequel. It has a very different feel from the first installment in the duology and I’m simply no longer a fan of YA dystopian and I don’t want to ruin the wonderful memory of the first book with negative feelings from the second.

10. Sinner. I know I’m in the minority here, but I actually love Sam and Grace, so when I found out this book was not about them, I was sorta bummed. I tried the first two chapter and I wasn’t interested. I’m fine with pretending this book never happened, to be honest.


Have you read any of these titles? Which books will you never read?


24 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday: Books I’ll Never Read

  1. Outlander: Ditto. I don’t think I’m ever going to try that one out.
    Outpost: UGH. This reminds me of my rage when I read Maria V. Snyder’s follow up series and (spoiler) the protagonist ends up with her rapist. Good lord. I was SO angry.
    The Scorpion Rules: I have loved the author’s first two books so I shall give it a try but it’s a huge departure from her usual fantasy stuff so I have some trepidations.
    Shatter Me: It made my head hurt. I’m not joking, I wish I was. The writing had good pieces but they were all drowned by the insane purple prose. Good call.
    Stormdancer: I’ve said a lot about it already. Haha.
    Eleanor and Park: I haven’t read this yet but own the book and now I’m even more curious and not in a good way. Thanks for linking to Oh’s posts. They were very illuminating.
    Sinner: I actually liked this one while I couldn’t get through the trilogy (I forget the title). The protagonists of this book are so out there that they appealed to me a lot.

    • Oh god, remind me to never go near Snyder’s follow up series.

      I’ve heard so many good things about Erin Bow’s previous works that I definitely want to try them. But this one is just too out there for me haha.

      Lol I am SO glad you shared that essay because now I have something definitive that I can link back to instead of trying to explain my position for the eight-billionth time. Maybe if you read E&P you can expand on Oh’s posts, but I wouldn’t blame you for not wanting to because it sounds like a wild ride, and not in a good way.

      I definitely fall in the minority with Stiefvater’s wolf books. It’s a little sad, but I’ll live haha.

  2. Kat

    Shatter Me I really like but I’ll have to reread it because I don’t think I ever wrote a review plus I have book 2 and now 3 plus the novella book. I like the characters but again I don’t want to defend why I like it when It’s been awhile since I had last read book one. I have the original cover (the hardcover edition) becuase my store was selling it in the discount section so I got a really good deal out of it, I only wish I waited to buy book 2 until it came out in paperback but I could still buy it.

    Alligaint I’m not sure if I’ll read it, YES I know what happen. I’d be living under a rock if I didn’t but I really want to see how well they do it for the movie, movie one and two were awesome. Two was definitely different with Shai having such short hair because of that one film she did and wouldn’t wear a wig but the new hair cut fit in with the dystopian theme.

    SInner really doesn’t have anything to do with Sam and Grace? Not even a hint? I know the author said that it was suppose to be those other two characters but I forgot their name an I haven’t had time to purchase the book, I’d rather buy it paperback.
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    • I’m not sure if Sam and Grace appear in the book, but if they do, they’re not main characters at all. It’s all about Cole and Isobel and some other character whose name I totally forget. So disappointing.

    • I confess I did *try* The Treatment but it was SOOO different compared to The Program and it was definitely not for me. Such a shame!

  3. Seeing Allegiant a bit today! Mostly because readers were spoiled and I feel like that’s horrible! To be spoiled about something so huge is unacceptable. I remember going near apesh*t when one of my friends spoiled a movie for me. Still saw the movie…kept thinking maybe my friend was wrong just before the part happened. Most upsetting.

    Here’s my Tuesday post

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower 🙂
    Jessica @ a GREAT read recently posted…Teaser & Top Ten TuesdaysMy Profile

    • I know! I can’t believe people were really leaking spoilers BEFORE it even came out! And one a series with that much popularity. I have to wonder what’s wrong with people sometimes.

    • Ugh yeah, I was also very disappointed with Fangirl. I thought about reading her adult books, but since I’ve been seeing so much about the racism in E&P, I think it’d be best for me just to avoid that author all together. Oh well.

  4. It’s funny to see all the different books people won’t read. I like when I agree and laugh when I’ve read some of them and am thinking, “that one wasn’t that bad”. I love reading diversity.
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    • Lol I’m surprised there wasn’t more drama this week, since people can get really defensive of their favorite books. Luckily I’ve only seen one or two people saying they’ll never read my faves, so I avoided that pain. But yeah, this was a fun week to hop around.

  5. The Scorpion Rules does sound very weird.
    hahahaha You are missing nothing by skipping Shatter Me. Well, you’re missing out on giggles but it’s certainly not worth the time. I still don’t know how I managed to read all 3. Same with Sinner. I loved Sam and Grace as well and was never much of a Cole fan. Sinner shouldn’t exist, for real.
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    • So relieved to see someone else who wasn’t a Cole fan. I mean, he was okay, but I was much more interested in what was going on with Grace and Sam, and he just got in the way!

    • That’s how I felt too for a while, but after all this time has passed and I still haven’t read it – it’s time to just face facts lol. I’ll probably never get to it haha.

    • I actually liked Insurgent a little better than book 1, but it ends on such a cliffhanger, and given my feelings on Allegiant, I wish I hadn’t read it so I could treat Divergent as a standalone too haha.

  6. Aww too bad about Outlander, but I understand. It’s not for everyone! You might still enjoy the show, my mom loved it and it got her to read the books (she never reads books! Sticks to magazines and letting me ramble about books to her haha). It’s beautiful and the acting is really good.

    Good choice with Allegiant, it was a hot mess. I have zero interest in any John Green books and I’ll probably never read another Cassandra Clare book. City of Bones didn’t do much for me.
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