Top Ten Tuesday: OTPs From the Last Year

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Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl
This week we’re talking about our OTPs from the last year

alexia’s picks

1. Eva & Grace from How to Make a Wish.
Eeeeep! I am so obsessed with these two it’s not even funny. They made it impossible to think of lighthouses and peanut butter without thinking about them too. Establishing chemistry in a book can be difficult, but Blake did an amazing job making me fall in love with Eva & Grace as much as they fell in love with each other.

2. Nadia & Lynet from Girls Made of Snow and Glass.
Okay so there was a more subtle romance here, but I knew I had to put them on the list. There are so few F/F romances in fantasy, even hinted romances. Gahhhh, I just freaking loved them.

3. Aki & Christa from Our Own Private Universe.
You should not be surprised that these two are on my list. Eeeeep, Aki & Christa had that hot chemistry mixed with the kindness and friendship. All those things make for a really great romance. This book also had some really important scenes relating to Aki looking for ways to have safe sex with Christa. So important, even more so in a F/F romance.

4. Lucy & Henry from The Names They Gave Us.
This romance was different than the other romances that Lord had written in the past, which I loved seeing. Henry had been through so much when he was younger and now Lucy was struggling with her faith due to her mom’s cancer. Henry never pressured her for anything. He respected her & her beliefs without belittling them.

5. Levi & Maggie from Coming Up for Air.
The friends to lovers trope is one of my favorite things in the world, so I knew I would enjoy this book. And eeeep, I totally did. I loved how Maggie & Levi had this slow burn thing. I’m also a sucker for the slow burn thing. Them being friends first, I think strengthened things between them when it turned romantic.

6. Ruby & Arcus from Frostblood.
I am definitely obsessed with this romance. I wasn’t sure I was going to be into it, but I ended up LOVING it. I don’t always love the hate to love trope, but in Frostblood and with these characters, I am so here for it.

7. Scarlett & Julian from Caraval.
This entire book was so delicious, darkly seductive and amazing. Scarlett & Julian were a big part of the book being so amazing. I loved this pairing from the very beginning.

8. Mei & Darren from American Panda.
Okay, so I just finished this book last weekend and Mei & Darren have rocketed to the near top of my OTP list. They just worked together. There was mutual respect for their two cultures and there was just this sweetness that normally I don’t go for. In this case, I’m so thrilled I read it.

9. Dimple & Rishi from When Dimple Met Rishi.
Okay, so I’m not finished with this book yet, but by the time this post goes up I should be. I want more books like this one please. Dimple is awesome and so is Rishi. Watching Dimple fall for Rishi has been a treat. 

10. Anise & Lincoln from Girl Out of Water.
I cannot believe I almost forgot about them! I was borderline obsessed with Lincoln early on, so I was even more excited when Anise started falling for him as well. This was another slow burn romance, which like I’ve said, I love, so I was so into this romance.

bekka’s picks

1. Ruby and Arcus from Frostblood.
Oh man am I traaaash for this ship. I mean, not trash, because they’re great for each other but GUYS I LOVE IT. I love hate-to-love (which will be a theme in this post, you’ll see) and they are such a great example of this trope. It’s also like a student/mentor type thing without the weirdness of age difference.

2. Eliie and Kai from The Girl With the Red Balloon.
There was definitely friction in this pairing at the beginning which made me like it even more. But this couple REALLY pulls at my heartstrings because of a Spoilery Spoiler Thing. If you’ve read it, you know, and I’m sorry for the reminder.

3. Eliza and Wallace from Eliza and Her Monsters.
This was just CUTE. Two adorable nerds enjoying fandom and writing together. So many walls being gently pulled down. Internal and external conflict dealt with (though maybe a little messily but they ARE teens after all.)

4. Lucy and Josh from The Hating Game.
What WEIRDOS. These two are beyond strange and their idiosyncrasies perfectly compliment each other. Like I said before, I love the hate to love trope, and you guessed it, this is the ULTIMATE hate to love romance. This book is a masterclass in the trope, really.

5. Farris and North from Shimmer and Burn.
Oh look, more angst! Are you surprised? Farris was immediately distrustful of North and North was immediately Tired and Exasperated and the way they finally came together was just so beautiful and gahhh I love them a lot and I cannot wait for the next book I need it NOW

6. Monty and Percy from The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue.
These stupid boys and their emotional stupidity!! I hate them and I love them! AND THAT KISS OH MY GOD.

7. Taylor and Jamie from Queens of Geek.
There were two pairings in this, but Taylor and Jamie definitely win out here. They just know each other so well. I’m not really a friends-to-lovers person, honestly, but this worked amazingly for me. Jamie really understood and respected Taylor and Taylor felt like she could be herself with Jamie and it was all just very touching and very cute.

8. Scarlett and Julian from Caraval.
I know this is a pretty polarizing book, but I really enjoyed it when I read it last winter. I’m just a Big Fan of angsty romance and tragedy and twists and this book has it all.

9. Jamie and Ryan from Him.
A second chance romance! This is also a trope that doesn’t typically work for me for a lot of reasons, but this pairing didn’t see any of those issues. I also really loved everything about Jamie? He really carried the relationship for me, but both of them together were great as well.

10. Cas and Swift from The Abyss Surrounds Us & The Edge of the Abyss.
An f/f hate to love pairing! We almost never see this trope with f/f or m/m couples and I was living for it. It also helped big time that Swift was a freaking PIRATE and Cas was a Sea Monster Expert and they were on diametrically opposed side of the Good vs Bad fight. Cas had to be a little bad and we learned that Swift was way more than her pirate exterior and was actually pretty morally grey and redeemable. ALSO HELLO DISCUSSIONS OF POWER IMBALANCE AND CONSENT!!!


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