Top Ten Tuesday: Series I Won’t Be Finishing

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This week’s topic: Completed Series I Haven’t Yet Finished

So I decided to something a little bit different this week because I couldn’t really come up with many completed series that I plan to finish. Instead, I’m going to be listing completed series I definitely won’t be finishing. In the YA world it’s damn near impossible to avoid series unless you’re reading contemporary only, so this was a list that wasn’t too hard to put together. It’s all too easy to read book 1 in a trilogy and then toss the rest into the series graveyard.


1. Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick. Fitzpatrick’s books and I just don’t get along in general, but Hush, Hush is especially terrible in my opinion. The two leads are terrible – Nora is 1) stupid, and 2) a stalker; Patch is just pure evil. Vee, the best friend, is a raging asshole. And it was sloppily written with absolutely no regard for grammar or style. Hard pass.

2. Razorland by Ann Aguirre. The first book was okay, but the beginning of the second book basically introduces the LITERAL RAPIST character as a good guy and possible love interest so fuck no fuck no fuck no fuck no. I realize they were in a shit situation and needed all the help they could get in book one, but once they made it to safety they should have ostracized that RAPIST motherfucker immediately.

3.Hemlock by Kathleen Peacock. Honestly there’s no huge glaring problems in this like there were in the first two, but I thought book 1 was just a mess. It felt like I was reading a sequel instead of an introduction to a series. In Hemlock, so much has already happened before the book even starts and there is a lot of recapping! How about instead of summarizing pre-book events, you include that action in the book?

4. The Grisha by Leigh Bardugo. God, this series. I really just don’t like anything about it except Sturmhond and he’s just not enough of a motivator to read the final book. Alina is absolutely insufferable, and Mal is even worse. I found the depiction of some the characters who were clearly supposed to be a race that was some amalgamation of “Asia” which I (and plenty others) found offensive, as well as the butchering of Russian culture, and I HATE the way beauty is treated in the series. In short NOPE.

5. Ever-Expanding Universe by Martin Leicht and Isla Neal. The first book was WONDERFUL. Mothership was positively hilarious and I laughed and laughed the whole way through. But I feel that it worked just fine on its own and didn’t really need a sequel. I tried A Stranger Thing and I just felt that the humor wasn’t there anymore.


6. First Comes Love by Katie Kacvinsky. Ugh ugh ugh ughhhh the first book was TERRIBLE. First of all, it was goddamn boring and it took me over a week to finish it during a point in time where I was reading 3-4 books per week. Second, the writing was AWFUL AWFUL AWFUL. The girl’s POV – Dylan was her name, and Gray was the boy – was 100% metaphor. Every single sentence was metaphor. She was the epitome of manic pixie dream girl and the only thing worse than reading about the MPDG trope is reading from the MPDG’s POV. Holy hell.

7. Divergent by Veronica Roth.  I don’t really mind the Divergent trilogy, but I don’t love it either. However, I totally had plans to read the final book in the series and check it off as completed. I was interested in seeing what happened. And then The Thing happened – The Thing being assholes on the internet who decided they weren’t going to tag their spoilers ON TWITTER. THE DAY IT CAME OUT. So obviously, there was no need to waste my time on 600 pages of mediocrity when I know how it all ends.

8. The Cahill Witch Chronicles by Jessica Spotswood. Talk about a disappointment. When I saw the (original) cover of Born Wicked I was soooo pumped for this series to start. But book 1 was such a letdown. It was basically there to serve as a vehicle for a love triangle and literally NOTHING happened until the very end. I was so upset by it that I just wrote off the rest of the series, especially when they changed the covers.

9. Contours of the Heart by Tammara Webber. Why is this even a series? Why? The first book was a whole, complete story – and not really a great one, in my opinion. There was nothing really special or stand-out about this novel, to be honest, especially now that we have tons and tons of better New Adult options.

10. The Syrena Legacy by Anna Banks. I read the first two and thought it was going to be a duology until the last few pages of book 2. Honestly, I’m over this series. Like, I really liked book one despite it’s GLARING flaws – like weird ass world-building and really sexist views in the mermaid cultures. But I liked it anyway. By the end of book 2 I was just over it. Meh. I don’t feel like I’m missing much, to be honest. (Also, her mother is romantically involved with her boyfriend’s brother and that’s just TOO WEIRD for me.) (At least I think that’s what was going on, maybe I’m remembering wrong.)

Have you read any of these? What series have you abandoned?

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7 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday: Series I Won’t Be Finishing

  1. hahaha Ruin and Rising was on my list of ones to finish too… I actually got to about 15% when it first came out but uggghhhh I don’t know if I just didn’t remember everything enough or what but it wasn’t working. Still have to read Allegiant too. I also called it quits on the Razorland series. Haven’t read any of the others ones here but am thinking that’s a good thing.
    Bonnie @ For the Love of Words recently posted…Top Ten Tuesday – Ten Series I Haven’t Finished Pt. 2My Profile

  2. I have only read a few of these! I started the Hush, Hush series back when I was crazy into Twilight and enjoyed it. But I just haven’t finished the series and probably will never!

  3. Yeah, the spoiling of Allegiant was the worst. I don’t even love the series but I pre-ordered the book because that was what we were suppose to do. Then I heard what happened, before even having a chance to touch the book, and then I never ended up reading it. And I’ve only read a couple of other books on your list. I read Easy when it came out and liked it because it was one of the first NA books I’d read but the second was frustrating because it wasn’t even really a sequel, just a retelling from a different POV. And I definitely agree on the Syrena Legacy. I won’t be finishing that series either.
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