Top Ten Tuesday: Things On Our Reading Wish List

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This week’s topic: Things On Our Reading Wish List

bekka’s picks

1. Historical fiction not set in Europe or the US. I feel like most YA historicals come in just a few categories: 1920s New York; Middle Ages/Renaissance Europe; World War II. I’d love to see other places or time periods, particularly Africa and South America.

2. Aliens. I admit that I don’t read a ton of science fiction, but when I hear that something has decidedly unfriendly aliens, that immediately piques my interest.

3. Trans or non-binary characters. I’m pretty sure I can actually name off the top of my head all the YA titles with trans or non-binary main characters. There will never be enough. I especially want to see this in science fiction and fantasy, since that’s what I primarily read, and those genres are woefully lacking in diversity.

4. YA Anastasia. All kinds. Very accurate, very sad portrayal. Thrillery portrayal. Historical fantasy, alternative history, I don’t care, I want it all.

5. More love triangles. I’m sure I’ll get flamed for this, but this was one trend I actually liked and I miss it. Not everything needs a love triangle and obviously I want them strongly written, but I miss them.

6. Bad Boy m/m romance. I love the bad boy trope as well (as long as he isn’t ~mysterious or broody) and I’d love to see this in queer titles. Or hell, how about a bad girl f/f romance? Here for it.

7. Chronic illness/chronic pain. Pretty much any type of disability rep (as long as it’s accurate and not ableist) but I’m especially invested in these two.

8. Female musicians who aren’t just like, cellists or flutists. Give me YA female guitarists and drummers and punk bands or rappers or singers or DJs.

9. Matriarchs. I’d like to see a matriarchy in control over a dystopian society or a fantasy world. Sexism is boring, show some creativity.

10. Autism representation. Preferably the main character and preferably own voices.

 Do you have any recs that fit this wish list?


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