Top Ten Tuesday: Things That Instantly Make Us Want to Read a Book

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This week’s topic: Things that make us instantly want to read a book

bekka’s picks

1. Non-western fantasy. I’m still extremely new to the fantasy world; it’s only been in the last handful of years that I’ve been reading it, but what I do know is what I’ve read is overwhelmingly set in a western setting.

2. Assassins. Yes, I’m that basic.

3. Pirates. I love pirates. Fantasy pirates, historical pirates, and a recently discovered love of science fiction pirates. Pirates commanding sea monsters and omg space pirates!!

4. F/f. I mean, obviously. If I find out the story has an f/f romance I am immediately invested. No matter the genre.

5. Bisexual MC. I’m loving that us bis are getting more rep these days but I’m still so starved for it and I’m still so burned out by the harmful stereotypes.

6.Witches.  Witches of any kind. Harry Potter type witches with wands, or Truthwitch witches with weird powers or contemporary wicca witches, or historical Salem witches. I want all the witches, all the time.

7. Gender bending. I really love books like Scarlet or And I Darken. Give me a well known fairy tale or a historical figure or Shakespeare story and switch some of the genders around, and I’ll definitely want to read it.

8. Unreliable narrator. This one’s tricky because sometimes knowing ahead of time that the narrator is unreliable and untrustworthy will almost “spoil” the story or twist. But if I find out that there’s a hint of that going on, I always want to see what it’s about.

9. Alice in Wonderland. If anything has Alice in Wonderland vibes, I’m there.

10. Lesser known historical figures. I love historical fiction and I love the Tudors but there’s only so many times a girl can read about Anne Boleyn being undone by Henry VIII.

alexia’s picks

1. Any mentions of mental health issues. Some of my favorite books have had characters with mental illnesses. The representation is always a worry of mine, but so far, I’ve been lucky.

2. Bisexual main character. So excited that us bisexuals are finally getting some recognition. It’s still few and far between, but there’s definitely more of it now than when I came out 9 years ago.

3. F/f romance. No matter the genre, I will pick this one up.

4. Dark fantasy. I’m trying to get more into fantasy, but I’ve noticed that I seem to gravitate more towards the darker fantasies.

5, Tough subjects. I am a sucker for those tough subject contemporaries. Gimmie a book about sexual assault, a school shooting, a parent’s death or whatever other dark subjects you can think of and I’ll gobble it up.

6. Historical fiction set in WWII era. Historical fiction is hard for me to get into, but I loooove reading historical fiction set in WWII. It’s so fascinating to me.

7. Thrillers. No surprise there. If a book is pitched as a thriller, chances are excellent that I am gonna want it.

8. Pretty book covers. I’m a total cover whore. I love pretty covers and have been known to pick up a book based on that alone.

9. Friends to lovers romance. I am not a big romance reader, but when I do read books with romance, the friends to lovers thing is my favorite.

10. Dark fairytales. The original versions of the Grimm fairytales were s heck of a lot darker than the sugary sweet ones the kids have now. Someone needs to give me YA versions of those original dark fairytales.

What things make you want to pick up a book?

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12 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday: Things That Instantly Make Us Want to Read a Book

  1. Witches! Thrillers! Yes please.

    I’m glad to see that there are more and more books featuring F/F and bi MCs as I’ve seen quite a few blogs mention both for this TTT prompt. I’m sure there still feels like there isn’t enough, but at least they are being written. Hopefully more and more will be released if they see how many people are wanting to read them.
    Chrystal recently posted…Things That Will Make Me Instantly Want To Read A BookMy Profile

  2. I also really like reading about lesser known historical figures, they are interesting to read! I also want to read more dark fairytales, the ones that’s based from the original Grimm’s story instead of Disney’s.
    Tasya recently posted…My Hogwarts Story TagMy Profile

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