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Another holiday means another book tag! I have to limit myself or I’d do these every week. Remember back in ancient times, when we all still used MySpace, and those weird survey bulletins would circulate? I was addicted to those things. Anyway, happy Valentine’s Day lovelies, let’s answer some questions!

1. favorite couple ever? you want their relationship!

This was so hard to answer because honestly, I don’t want any fictional relationships. There’s always something extra going on, lots of conflict, people are dying. I’d much rather have my real-life romance. That said, there’s one pairing that kills me more than any other, and that’s Damen and Laurent from the Captive Prince trilogy.

2. relationship that never happened – you shipped it but they never got together

So shipping non-canon things is kind of the trademark of being bisexual (or gay, or pan, etc.) There are so many f/f and m/m pairings out there that would be so much better than the hetero pairing we were giving. All of SJM’s books are full of this, but I think the worst was Manon and Elide never getting together.

3. your crush – ANY character!

I am what I am

4. worst relationship – a couple you wanted to break up because one of them was hurtful/abusive/deceitful, etc

I had to do some thinking for this one, because there are quite a few notps I have, but mostly because they just don’t work together, not because one of them was truly awful. In the end, I decided on Georgia and Robbie from the Georgia Nicolson series.

I don’t think I could find two people more ill-suited for one another. Georgia had very obvious feelings for Dave the Laugh throughout the entire series and Robbie kept going back to Wet Lindsay and ughhh. I wish they never got together, or at the very least, I wish they had broken up way sooner.

(Don’t even get me started on Massimo.)

5. your favorite love triangle

I picked a love decagon because THEY’RE ALL IN LOVE OKAY IT’S CANON.

6. your favorite tragic love story

This doesn’t count as spoilers because um, hello? Where have you been?

I read The Song of Achilles this year, finally, and it was amazing! It was so beautiful and painful and somehow made even WORSE by knowing what was coming. I haven’t cried so hard while reading a book in such a long time. I can’t believe I waited so long to read it but I am so happy I did because it’s a new forever-fave.

Happy Valentine’s Day! If you see this, you’re tagged!


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