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Whose Line is it Anyway is a little game I came up with featuring first lines. I haven’t posted one of these in months, but I wanted to do something a little fun today.  The idea here is I’ll give you ten first lines and you have to guess which book they belong to! Hidden under the spoiler tags are the answers. Today, we’ll be doing science fiction and fantasy titles.


Nothing about this room is real.

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Her satellite made one full orbit around planet Earth every sixteen hours.

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I was raised to marry a monster.

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I’m pretty much fucked.

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It figures that between the two of us, my laptop is the first to grow a conscience.

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I didn’t know how long I had been in the king’s prison.

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The forest had become a labyrinth of snow and ice.

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Not everyone who attends the coronation wishes the young queen well.

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I only go out at night.

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She shouldn’t have been tempted.

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How did you do? I know some of these were easy but I hope you were stumped at least a little!

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2 responses to “Whose Line is it Anyway?: SFF

  1. Despite having read 6 out of the 10 books, I didn’t get a single one. Yikes. My book amnesia is worse than I thought. That was pretty embarrassing!

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